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Passport photo of Filipino maid: Ruby Caballero Adriatico Passport photo of Filipino maid: Ruby Caballero Adriatico
Maid Name:
Ruby Caballero Adriatico
Ref Code:
Transfer maid
Filipino Transfer maid
Filipino maid
Date Of Birth:
26-Apr-1976 (Age: 43 yrs)
Place Of Birth:
Pangasinan Philippin
160 (cm)
58 (kg)
2 Children
Children's Ages
22, 23
Present Salary
Expected Salary
Home Address
Amamperez Villasis Pangasinan Philippines
Repatriating Port
High School (10~12 yrs)
4 (day/month)
English: (Good)

Employment Record

Country Employer
Main Duties
2016 2018 Singapore Danish family Working in a 4 bedroom condo, with 2 adults and newborn twin baby boys Employers are leaving Singapore for good
2014 2016 Singapore Danish family Worked for a 2 storey landed property, with 2 adults and 2 babies aged 18 months and 3yrs old. Employers left Singapore for good
2013 2014 Singapore Danish family Worked in a 3 bedroom condo, with 2 adults and 2 babies aged 2 months and 2yrs old. Employers left Singapore for good
2011 2013 Singapore Danish family Worked in a 3 bedroom condo, with 2 adults and 9 month old baby. Employers left Singapore for good

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation
Care of infants/children 12+
Care of elderly
Care of disabled
General housework 12+
Cooking 12+
Language Skill: English 12+

Maid Introduction

Ruby is 42 years old, yet strong, and efficient. She has worked in Singapore since 1998 to 2004 and 2011 up to present ( 2018) and has a remarkable MOM work history which exhibits her potentials and spells out her attitude towards work and how she is with the family she is tasked to take care. With her age she can still execute the responsibilities equal or even better than those who are younger. The advantage with Ruby is her Western cooking skills and her independence- she can work with less supervision. She is mature and her leadership in taking care of the house is there in the event if the mother of the household is a career woman. She is an excellent helping hand to any mother who would want someone to embrace her children as her own and execute tasks as expected.
AGENCY COMMENTS: She can best be described by her previous employers:
Her employer in Singaporean employer before she came to Singapore: (1998 TO 2004 ) As per her employer "Ruby has worked for us for 6 years .She was absolutely the best domestic help one could only imagine, and she was treated as an equal member of the family. Her duties were to take care of our 3 children ( girls) ages 8, 12 and 14 years old and keeping the house clean, which she did keep spotless. She has to do the washing using our washing machine and ironing, using not only our iron but also the ironing machine. She also did cooking Chinese, Western and Italian dishes for the whole family. Because she was a quick learner, by the time we parted ways, she could make many European dishes as well as bakery products. She is fluent in English, written and spoken." (Reference letter with full remarks- available at the agency)

From her Employer 1: (1998 to 2004 )- She was with a Singaporean (Chinese) family- living in a HDB APARTMENT , took care of 3 years old and to quote her employer "Ruby is able to cook both Chinese and Western dishes, she handles most of the household work at her own initiative, and she is competence in looking after a children. She is loyal, responsible, trustworthy, and independent, and she is dedicating in the area especially of child caring. She ensures children are on schedule for the tuition classes and school, and takes care of children's diet, and always prepares food to their taste."

From her Employer 2 : January to April 2011- Worked for British/ Chinese family- living in 1 bed room HDB apartment , took care of 2 years old girl, plus all the holuse work , cooking and grocery shopping unfortunately after 4 months she is not comfortable sleeping in the living room , has no privacy.

Employer no 3 : 2011-2013 Worked for Danish family , living in a condo apartment serve for 2 adults and 9 months daughter ,to quote her employer "Are you looking a good helper she has worked for our family for almost 2 years, as our family will be relocating . So with sadness we have to release her. Ruby is very hard working, trustworthy and honest. With her numerous duties and responsibilities, she still carries a happy smile with her.

Employer no 4: 2013 to 2014 Danish family , living in 3 bedroom condo serve for 2 adults and 2 kids ages 2 months and 2 years old, her sevondary duties includes all the house work, grocery shopping and cooking. Employer left for good

Employer no 5: 2014 to 2016 --Working for Danish family, staying in landed property, 2 storey house, serve for 2 adults and and 2 kids ages 18 mos, and 3 years old, she takes care them like her own children, Her other duties includes all the general house work, cookign and grocery shopping. Employer left for Good,

Employer no 6: 2016 to 2018 Working for Danish family , serving for 2 adults and newborn twin boys, plus all the house work, cooking and grocery shopping, She is now looking for a new employer because her current employer are leaving for good.

My Summary of Ruby:
1) A very pleasant and clean appearance
2) General cleaning in a big condo
3) Takes great care of infant and toddlers or even teenage children who are very demanding in their everyday needs
4) Her washing and ironing is excellent.
She also has an employer reference letter from Employer:
"Ruby is a good helper , very good with kids She has been our family for 18 months and during this period has taken completed care of our twin sons. She started with us when they were newborn She taught them English from Zero , She prepared his lunches and dinners and She organized play dates making advantage of her network within the condo.
She worked hard, clever and nice person with relaxed and calm character being able to adapt to different situations and environment, she always being ready to support us properly with positive attitude.
She is able to manage independently in the house, She can cook Asian and western and Danish dishes, she is very good in problem solving attitude, She manage for us all weekly food shopping. Being honest reserved and reliable, She treated our sons like hers making him extremely attached to her, If you'd like to, it won't be tough to make her become part of the family.
Unfortunately ,we are leaving for good.

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