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Maid Name:
Filipino maid
Experience: New maid
English: (Good)
Place Of Birth:
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Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Expected Salary

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 4  
Care of elderly 1  
Care of disabled 1  
General housework 4  
Cooking 4  
Language Skill: ENGLISH AND TAGALOG 14  
Other Skill: cooking 4 Year(s)  

Maid Introduction

Jessa is 23 years old in April next year April, She is a college graduate for 4 years course, has 4 siblings back in the Philippines, She wants to work in Singapore as a domestic helper because she wants to support her family financially and to earn money for her better future.
Jessa has a pleasant personality, speaks good English, and can help with children's school homework.
Jessa has no experienced as a housemaid in the Philippines but she told me she has experienced in taking care of young children like from 2 years and above to her relative's children, Especially during her elementary and high school days, she also does all the housework like washing clothes by hands, ironing, cleaning, goes to the market to by fresh meat and fish with her mother, She learned many kinds of dishes from her parents kindly see below details:
Jessa has working experienced as a food attendant in Hotel and resort in her home town, Batangas, the Philippines for almost 2 years, her job scope is to clean hotel rooms, toilets, bathrooms change bedsheets, vacuuming, wiping, replenish all the toiletries, helping in the restaurant like taking orders, help in the kitchen, served customers and etc.
1. Yes I willing to take care of children.
2. Yes I can take elderly 87 years old 1years experience
3..language spoken Tagalog, English
4. Others skill cooking
Additional information
1. I can.promises not to invite any friends or relatives employer house without their permission.
2. Yes I have my cousin working in Singapore but we are not so close.
3. Yes I know the employer send me back if I was pregnant.
4. I promise I consult my agency if any problem coming.
5.Yes I willing to work with other helpers.
6. I am not afraid to stay home alone
7. Yes I can swim well
8. Yes I willing to take care of a dog.
9. Yes I willing to take care of the cat
10. Yes I know how to do marketing or grocery shopping
11. Yes I can wash delicate clothes my hands
12.I can cook well

1.Mixed green salad with pear
2.Steamed fish
3.Chicken soup
4.Fried pork with tofu
5.Local vegetable sauteed with garlic
6.Chicken and Mango Salad

1. Chicken curry

Western food
1.Mashed potato
2.Beef stew
4. Spaghetti
5.Pasta salad

1. Chicken soup
2.Sauted vegetables with salted fish
3.Sour beef soup
4.Fried fish
5. Chicken Barbeque
6. Chicken adobo Filipino style

I willing to cook any kind of food and I can follow in recipes book.
13. Yes I have experience change diapers, give a bath, feeding, make baby food
14. Yes I have experience with a toddler. I bring them to a playdate with friends, swimming, biking, playing in the playground, bring to the zoo, send to school, feeding, give a bath.
15. Yes I willing to sleep with the baby during night time.
16. Yes I willing to share a room with children
17' yes reading storybook to the kids.
18. Yes I have experience playing with kids.
Bring to the playground, playing, hide seek, and more

To arrange an interview, please reach us through WhatsApp: LINA at 82463140, MS. LEE at 87560732, JANE at 97158867 or BINGLE at 93715033
(License No.: 98C2940)
Maid agency:
Address: 545 Orchard Road,Next to Hilton Hotel,
#06-14 Far East Shopping Centre,
Singapore 238882
Tel: 6737 8681
Email: Maid Agency Email 
Contact Person: Bing / Jane / Siow Qi / Lina
Handphone: 9371 5033 / 9715 8867 / 8756 0732 / 8246 3140
Office Hour: Monday-Friday : 10:00am to 7:00pm
Saturdays : Closed
Sundays : 10:00am to 4:00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

Last updated on 27-11-2020.
Maid Agency:
Contact Person:
Bing / Jane / Siow Qi / Lina
9371 5033 / 9715 8867 / 8756 0732 / 8246 3140
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