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Maid Name:
Filipino maid
Experience: Transfer maid
Filipino Transfer maid
English: (Good)
Place Of Birth:
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Marital Status:
Number of Children:
Expected Salary

Maid Skills

Areas of Work Willingness Experience Evaluation Comments
Care of infants/children 14  
Care of elderly  
Care of disabled  
General housework 14  
Cooking 14  
Other Skill: Dog 2 Year(s)  

Maid Introduction

JOCELYN JAMON TOLENTINO, a 53-year-old married and blessed to have 4 children ages 22 to 28 years old from San Pablo Laguna, Philippines. She is the eldest child among her 6 siblings.

As an experienced housemaid, this applicant can be considered well-versed in performing household chores. As a mother and based on her previous working experiences, she is confident in handling infants and familiar with performing basic infant care duties such as preparing milk, feeding soft food, bathing, changing its clothes and diaper, and sterilizing baby utensils. She is also capable of taking care of young children and attending to their needs. Her cooking skill was enhanced more as she continues work and is now capable of preparing and cooking a variety of dishes like Filipino, western and Spanish food and willing to learn more in cooking other foreign cuisines.

FROM JULY 2018 UP TO DATE- (SHE IS WORKING THE SAME EMPLOYER FROM JUL 2012 TO DEC 2014). Reason for leaving: The children are all grown-up and her services is no longer required as they are staying in a small condo.

FROM DEC 2014 TO JUL 2018- She was working for a Korean / Norwegian family in a 2 storey house. When she joined the family, her madam was pregnant with her first child that she looked after and another newborn after 2 years. She did all the household chores, laundry, and cook. She went back to work for her previous employer.

FROM JUL 2012 TO DEC 2014- She was working for an Iris family in 2 story house. She was looking after 3and 7 years old. She did all the housework and cooking. The family moved to Indonesia. The employer had given her a very good recommendation saying: "I am writing to recommend Jocelyn a Nanny/helper. Jocelyn performed full-time childcare, house cleaning, and cooking duties in our home for 2 years 6 months. During her tenure, Jocelyn proved herself professional, trustworthy, and reliable with excellent attention to detail. My son and daughter were very well looked after happy and safe in Jocelyn's care. Her main childcare duties, which she successfully carried out, were as follows: (1) Supervising two children and caring for their needs (2) Drop off and collecting from school (3) Bathing and dressing children (4) Organizing fun outings and activities and generally keeping the children entertained (5) Supervising my son's homework and assisting where possible. Also, Jocelyn is very competent with all housekeeping duties. She is well organized and throughout the years, she has made our home comfortable to live in. She is also meticulous in handling the laundry and has shown good care in washing delicate fabrics and clothing. One final recommendation, especially if you have pets in your home, Jocelyn assisted us with our dog - she would walk it during the day and look after it while we were on vacation. She was very patient and loving with our pet. Jocelyn has a very polite, helpful, and friendly attitude as well as the ability to follow instructions accurately. As my family and I are moving to Indonesia, it is no longer possible for us to employ her. I would be pleased to recommend Jocelyn as I know she would be an asset to any family. I wish her the best of luck in her employment search."

FROM JULY 2010 TO JUL 2012- She was serving a Norwegian family living in a private apartment with 2 grown-up children. She had learned how to prepare and cook Dutch and Norwegian dishes with the help of her employer. Her other duties include all the general housework like ironing and washing clothes, washing dishes, marketing, cooking, and wash the car. The children are going to study abroad so the employer is no longer requires a full-time helper. Her employer has given her a recommendation stating that "Jocelyn has served as FDW for my family and me, during our stay in Singapore. Our family consists of 4 adults of which 2 daughters in the ages of twenty-seven and seven-teen. In addition to the family, we have had frequent visitors from overseas, staying with us for longer and shorter periods throughout our time in Singapore. Jocelyn has had the responsibility for housekeeping such as cleaning of apartment, laundry, storage and maintenance of food supplies, and cooking. She has done her job to our great satisfaction and we wish her all luck in a new position and in the future. We are sure that she will continue to work for any future employer with the same dedication as she has shown during her stay with us."

FROM DECEMBER 2009 TO JULY 2010- She served a Norwegian/Australian family living in a condo with 1 child aged 5 years old when she started working with them. She was in charge of all the household chores and cooked for the family as well. Aside from doing all the household chores, she also took care of the child. She brings and fetches her from school and in charge of her grooming. Her Employer left for good had given her a good recommendation letter.

FROM OCTOBER 2009 TO DECEMBER 2010- She served a Spanish family living in a 4-bedroom condominium apartment with 2 children ages 2 and 4 years old. She worked as an all-around maid and liable for doing daily chores. She was also liable for taking care of the children and paying attention to their needs, keeping the cleanliness of the house, cooking, and marketing. She was transferred to another family because her Spanish employer needed someone who can speak Spanish. Her employer gave her a good recommendation as to where she will be suitable to work.

FROM AUGUST 2007 TO OCTOBER 2009- She was working with a Norwegian / Brazilian family with 3 children ages; 1, 6, and 13 years old when she started working with them. She worked in a private apartment. Her employer was relocated and she has given a good reference letter from this employer.
(License No.: 98C2940)
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Last updated on 15-06-2021.
Maid Agency:
Contact Person:
Bing /Lina/ / Siow Qi/Jeff
9371 5033 /8246 3140 / 8756 0732
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